Will Kerry end up crying over spilt milk? (VIDEO)

Ah, Kerry’s back to being the woman we all know and loathe; the mother whose maternal instincts are the many ways she shrugs off responsibility for Amy. So when Andy again asks Kerry to babysit again, she’s not happy. She packs Sarah off to bed and figures it’s OK to go and buy some ciggies… Of course it’s not! No sooner has she left the children home alone than baby Jack starts to cry and Sarah gets up and tries to warm some milk for him… All sorts of horrible things could have happened, but Kerry gets back just in time to prevent any awful accidents – and just before Andy gets home.

Steve is determined horrible things are going to happen to Declan. He wants revenge for being cut out of the horse deal – and he’s going to use Nicola to get it. Steve overhears her on the phone to a surveyor and wants to know what it’s all about. It’s about buying land, but Nicola doesn’t tell him that. Steve’s going to have to find a way to loosen her tongue…

Priya tells David that Alicia needs her own man, such as Dom (he’s working his way through the Emmerdale ladies, isn’t he? Watch out Edna!).