Will Kev and Sally’s anger turn to passion?

Kevin and Sally‘s relationship deteriorates further as they clash over Sophie. Later, Sally questions Sian and is shocked to hear how Sophie has been feeling neglected by her parents for a while now. At a loss at who to blame Sally turns on Kevin telling him that the whole thing is his fault. A bitter row soon breaks out over Sophie’s hospital bed.

As Steve and Becky struggle to cope with the fall-out from Kylie’s return, their bust-up with the Alahans and Tracy’s continued threats, they wonder what the next chapter in this mess will be. They’re stunned and confused as Liz walks back in, making a surprise return to the street.

When Fiz refuses to back down about having Schmeichel in the house Katy stuns Ches by announcing she wants to leave school, set up home with him and have a baby. He’s stunned, and isn’t sure he wants to plan his whole future with her.

Also, despite it being her plan, Tina’s put out when Graeme reveals he can’t meet her in town as he and Xin are staging a meal with Emily and Norris.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sophie wakes and accuses Sally and Kevin of being wrapped in themselves and ignoring all her problems, leaving the pair feeling incredibly guilty. Over a drink they discuss their mistakes and Sally becomes upset. Kevin offers a hug as comfort and Sally responds. He’s within whiskers of wooing Sally back, but she pulls away as he leans in for a kiss.

When Liz spots Amy with Emily she insists on taking her back to the Rovers. As Steve tries to explain she doesn’t live with them any more Tracy marches in and tells Amy to get her coat, thrilled at dropping this bombshell on the MacDonalds.

Norris and Emily are taken aback at Graeme’s impromptu celebrations… Christmas in March??

Also, Katy tries to persuade Chesney that they’re old enough to start a family, but he isn’t so sure; Marc tells Claudia that the woman at his house was his sister, but she is still suspicious.

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