Will Kevin end his affair?

Molly’s on edge but Tyrone’s still none the wiser about her affair, he thinks she’s upset about his test drive with Minnie. Then Pam confronts Kevin, and warns him to leave Molly alone. Kevin’s furious with Molly for confessing to Pam, knowing they’re now in real danger of being exposed. Molly points out that if they’re ever going to be together then they’ll have to tell everyone, but Kevin tells her to grow up.

Ben moves into the flat with Michelle and Ryan and his eyes are out on stalks when he catches his mate’s mum wearing a skimpy bathrobe. But he’s not the only one who likes what he sees. Michelle’s wearing nothing but a towel when she spots a pair of legs dangling outside her window. It’s Jake the builder and as she rescues him to stop him falling, Jake kisses her on the mouth.

Tony suggests Maria flies out to Cyprus ahead of him as he’s got some business to attend to at the factory. Wanting to check he’s tied up all loose ends he promises to join her in a few days. Maria agrees and the happy couple celebrate their engagement.

Also; Norris tries in vain to engage Joan in any conversation.

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