Will Kevin regret helping Mrs Tembe?

With Karen bored of staying at home, Mrs Tembe comes up with the idea of Kevin taking Karen for a drive to see if she can remember how to do it. Kevin is dead set against the idea – but when he struggles with some urgent and highly complex echocardiogram data, he tells Mrs Tembe he’ll do anything to get her to do it for him.

Behind the wheel, Karen can’t remember a thing and everything Kevin tries to teach her she forgets, and Kevin slumps outside the car, his nerves in shreds. At that moment, Karen locks the doors, shuts her eyes, takes a deep breath, shifts the car into gear and shoots off. On return, she screeches to a halt in front of Kevin and jumps out the car, elated. She’s remembered how to drive!

Jas is shocked when Aran turns up at The Mill to tell her he’s ending it with Hamara. Jas tries to hide her delight but he then reveals he’s come to say goodbye as he’s moving away. Jas desperately tries to convince Aran that she’s changed and that they should start over abroad together, but as much as Aran wants to believe her – it’s just words.

As Aran strides off, Jas racks her brains for a way to prove she means it, then rushes over to her car. As the opening lyrics of ‘Shout!’ by Lulu blare from Jas’s car radio, Aran turns to see her singing along and doing a ridiculous dance. Aran is charmed by her embarrassing public display and the two share a passionate embrace.

Also, Chris is caught between two surprise houseguests.