Will Kevin spurn Ellie’s advances?

A medical conference is taking place at The Mill tomorrow and Kevin has secured Dr Bradley Dash as the keynote speaker; the name in pioneering surgical techniques and Kevin’s old mate from uni. When patient Ellie gets flirty with Kevin, Howard and Heston remind him that the conference is putting The Mill in the spotlight and they don’t need any mess ups. Kevin promises he won’t let him down.

Bradley arrives and is every inch the arrogant celebrity doctor. Jas puts Kevin in it by suggesting that he, Heston and Bradley all go out for a quiet dinner. Heston agrees, keen to talk to Bradley about his own upcoming article, but Kevin turns on Jas; she knows what a party animal Bradley is, this is going to get messy!

That evening, as Bradley convinces Heston to down some vodka shots, Kevin nervously tries to tone Bradley down and keep his promise to Howard. Heston isn’t having the best of times until he meets Doctor Robyn Pattinson, who’s also attending the conference. Heston sees she’s a fan of Bradley and claims he’s actually his mentor! Later, Ellie tells Kevin he’s fired as her GP and snogs him.

Later, Bradley dances on the tables and Heston and Kevin have to try and get him down. They manage to get Bradley to his hotel, but not past the hotel bar. He convinces them to have a nightcap and secretly slips some pills into their drinks. The three men toast… and drink.

Also, Rob deals with a drunk and disorderly who has a secret to tell…