Will Kevin survive?

Kevin and Shirley are trapped in the smashed car and Kevin has been skewered by a scaffolding pole. Kevin weakly asks Shirley to tell Denise that he loves her before he slips away. Shirley gets help and is questioned at the police station. She breaks the terrible news to Denise. As the clock strikes 12, Denise sits in the mortuary with Kevin and gives him one last kiss goodbye…

Tanya is enjoying her night in with Sean and they get stuck into the drinks cupboard. Max is stewing over at the Vic, as he knows that Tanya has a man in the house. He storms over to the house and he’s furious when he realises that Sean is with Tanya. A defiant Tanya leaves Max with the kids and heads out to the club to get drunk.

Ronnie’s plan to surprise Jack didn’t quite work out and she is evasive when he asks her why she texted him. Jack goes back to his flat and is surprised to finds a mystery bottle of champagne. He confronts Ronnie. The pair nearly kiss, but they are interrupted by Garry, who bursts into the office and tells them that Roxy and Dawn are having a scrap over a man!

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