Tyrone sings along to the karaoke machine which gets on Molly’s nerves. Sally and Kevin go for an appointment at the hospital. The nurse tells Sally she should have her operation within the next 4 weeks. Sally asks the nurse what her chances of survival are but she’s non-committal. Kevin’s worried sick about Sally. Bill wants to know what’s bothering him.

Ken calls at Peter’s with the mended bike. Simon’s delighted. Ken tries to make peace and offers to baby-sit on New Year’s Eve. Peter begrudgingly accepts. Ken tells Deirdre he’s getting a petition together opposing Peter’s bar. Blanche scolds him for continually provoking Peter.

Rosie accidentally drops some photos on the café floor, and Sophie’s horrified to see they’re of Rosie scantily clad. Rosie explains she’s applying to agencies to become a glamour model.

Also, Gail tells a delighted Joe that she’s accepted an offer on the house; Becky finds herself press-ganged into going for a walk with Claire and the kids; Liz puts a poster up advertising New Year’s Eve at the Rovers; Sian’s hopes of a romantic evening with Ryan for her birthday are dashed when Sophie gives her tickets to a gig and invites herself along too.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Kevin tells Bill about Sally’s breast cancer. Molly asks Kevin if they can still be together once Sally’s recovered, but he’s non-committal. Bill calls round to see Sally and she realises Kevin’s told him but he assures her he won’t tell the girls. Bill finds Kevin and he confesses he’s been having an affair with Molly. Bill’s furious telling him to pack the tart in and get back to his family where he belongs.

Nick tells Gail that she’s accepting too little for the house and should pull out of the sale, but Joe’s desperate for the cash. David tells Gail how Audrey only invited Nick to stay in the hope he wouldn’t like Joe and would scupper her wedding plans. Gail’s furious. Nick leaves for Nottingham but promises to return for Gail and Joe’s wedding.

Blanche lets slip to Peter that Ken’s organising a petition opposing his bar. Peter’s angry and tells Ken his baby-sitting services won’t be required on New Year’s Eve after all.

Also, Rosie asks Graeme his opinion on the size of her boobs; Becky reads nursery rhymes to Amy telling Steve how Claire makes her feel totally inadequate when it comes to children; Liz is having trouble selling tickets for New Year’s Eve.

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