Will Kevin turn in Chelsea and Deano?

Kevin confronts Deano and Chelsea about the CCTV tape and he marches them down the police station. But after seeing their terrified faces he can’t turn them in. An anxious Kevin shares his predicament with Shirley and Carly. Shirley insists that Kevin can’t let Deano go to prison, while Carly is insistent that Kevin lets the police see the tape. What will he do?

Lucy skives off school to spend time with Craig but she’s found out when Ben tells on her and Ian finds Craig with Lucy and violently threatens him. A furious Ian almost hits Lucy, but he’s mortified by his behaviour. Lucy emails her mysterious internet friend, who suggests she run away…

Peggy is furious when she comes across one of Roxy’s conquests naked in the flat kitchen and she’s further frustrated when Roxy unthinkingly tells Honey that they will host Janet’s birthday party in the Vic. Roxy takes Ben and Abi out but she causes more stress when she loses them. Ben and Abi return safe and sound but a fuming Peggy tells Roxy and Ronnie to leave.

Also, Dot gets a new computer; Mickey and Gus both pull gorgeous girls.

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