Will Kim and Esther’s wedding go without a hitch?

As Kim and Esther prepare to tie the knot, it seems someone might be getting cold feet

Esther is calling Grace’s bluff and gets the answer she wants when Grace admits she doesn’t want to be with her – she just doesn’t want her to be with Kim. However, Kim doesn’t hear this, she’s already rushed off, heartbroken.

Jesse handcuffs himself to Grace and drags her to the wedding where a radiant Esther is waiting for missing Kim. Kim eventually turns up and walks down the aisle with Esther. As they eventually tie the knot, Kim rushes off to prepare Esther’s surprise but clashes with Grace on the way. Later, Esther returns to the Osborne’s to find a not, which reads: ‘I’m sorry. K x’

Mercedes storms through the McQueens’ front door and wants answers from Maria. She soon finds the missing drugs in Maria’s bag and chucks her out. Mercedes is floored when Maria tells her that Diego is actually her ex-husband, before leaving in a taxi.

Meanwhile, Liam’s desperate to get rid of Joanne after sleeping with her but she’s not taking the hint.

Also, much to his surprise, Nathan starts to like Lisa.