Will Kim really leave with Ray?

Kim wants to make the most of her birthday before she and Ray leave Walford. Worried that Kim might be making the wrong decision Denise questions whether Kim will be happy leaving to live with Ray. At Kim’s birthday party, Kim’s delighted by a leaving gift of matching orange onesies! When Ray is unimpressed, Kim finally realises that they’re too different, letting Ray leave the Square alone.

Tanya despairs of Lauren, who is passed out on the sofa after another night of drinking. Determined to stop Lauren boozing, Tanya asks Denise and Kirsty not to sell Lauren alcohol. Refused a drink at the Minute Mart and Queen Vic, a determined Lauren heads to Kim’s birthday party and is soon knocking back the alcohol. When Lauren drunkenly ruins Kim’s birthday cake, Tanya drags her home, at a loss over what to do.

When Poppy advises a stressed Alice to stand up for herself, Alice tells Janine she needs time off to go to Kim’s party then tells Michael she can’t bring Scarlett to see him. At the party, Alice is frustrated when Janine turns up and dumps Scarlett on her. Unable to cope, Alice hands Scarlett to Billy, then heads to the Minute Mart and shoplifts a jar of gravy…