Kim and Denise are relieved to learn baby Pearl is on the mend. Returning to the hospital feeling optimistic, Kim panics when she sees a mysterious balloon and bear in Pearl’s room. Relieved when Patrick reveals it’s from Denise, Kim finally cracks, telling Patrick the truth about Vincent.

A hungover Kat has to deal with a call from social services, saying they need to visit despite Linda calling to explain. When there’s a knock at the door, Kat assumes it’s a social worker. Instead, the man reveals he’s a private investigator. Insisting that he needs to talk to her about Harry Slater, he reveals other victims are seeking compensation and ssks her to come forward as a witness. Shaken, Kat refuses, asking the PI to leave.

Linda feels bad when she learns social services are visiting Kat. Finding Kat with the social worker, she nearly makes things worse by revealing Kat was out drinking all night. The social worker reassures her, satisfied that everything is fine. Kat tells a concerned Mo that she’s going to visit Zoe in Spain. Taking Stacey aside, Mo reveals that Zoe wants nothing to do with her mum, but she doesn’t know how to tell her.