Although the survivors are rescued from the pumping station, Marco, Kirsten and Ned remain missing. Eventually, they are found, but Kirsten is rushed to hospital, badly injured. Devastated, Ned struggles to break the news to Mickey that his mum may not survive. Later, Kirsten’s condition dramatically worsens when she goes into burn shock, with her organs close to shutting down.

A determined Oliver manages to locate the injured Marco who is also airlifted to the hospital. Later, Karl confirms to a dying Marco that he has very little time left but Marco makes him promises not to tell Carmella the sad news.

As the news breaks that the fire was deliberately started, Rachel reluctantly asks Ringo if dodgy Donna could be the one responsible?

Toadie tries to play down the message he left on Steph’s mobile, saying he was just caught in the emotional moment. He is relieved when Steph tells him his message was lovely and she is pleased they can still be friends after everything they’ve been through.

Elle calls Paul a hero for rescuing Karl and Susan from the fire, but Paul feels guilty for abandoning Kirsten to the blaze.

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