Will Kirsty finally escape Warren’s abuse?

Last week, wife-beating Warren crossed the line with long-suffering wife, Kirsty. This week she prepares to flee his violent clutches and take daughter Nita with her.

The day begins with a terrified Kirsty secretly hunting out Nita’s passport and hiding it. Warren is still simmering after her disappearance the night before, when she ran off to Adam’s after a severe beating.

Enraged, Warren’s convinced she spent the night with Adam and menacingly makes her promise never to leave him. But this time Warren’s gone too far and Kirsty’s determined to escape…

During her shift at work, Kirsty accidentally bangs her head, opening a pre-existing wound, and Tess insists on sending her home for the day. Spying her opportunity to leave Holby for good, Kirsty subtly says her goodbyes to the staff and slips an explanatory note in Adam’s pocket.

Back at home with Nita, she hurriedly packs their things. Warren, however, comes home unexpectedly and catches her in the act! Already on the edge, Warren completely loses it when a worried Adam rings Kirsty.

Adam races to Kirsty’s, but a violent confrontation is already underway. But when he arrives, Warren is lying lifeless at the bottom of the stairs…

Elsewhere, the team are devastated that they failed to notice the extent of Ruth’s mental health problems. They try to think of ways to let her know they’re thinking of her, when Jordan comes up with an idea.