Will Kyle and Kate confess their betrayal?

Having slept together, Kate is overwhelmed with guilt, while Kyle feels he needs to tell Georgia what happened. Meanwhile, Georgia wants Kyle to take her back. Kate demands Kyle do so and never mention what happened, but Kyle doesn’t relent. When a shocked Chris finds out what happened he suggests there might be a reason Kyle always goes back to Kate. Completely confused, Kyle decides to go to Frankston to clear his head, leaving a frustrated Georgia to ask Kate if she knows what’s going on with Kyle.

Lou is thrilled to hear from his long lost daughter Ling Mai, who wants him to visit her in Cambodia. He shares the news with Sheila, but in doing so, misreads her, mistaking her affection as romantic. He tries to kiss her, but she is offended and he is left mortified, fearing he’s ruined their friendship.

Bailey asks Sheila to forgive Lou, confessing it was the kids who made Lou believe she was interested in him. Sheila tells Lou there are no hard feelings, but in trying to let him down gently she inadvertently leaves him believing that she is interested in him after all.

Meanwhile, Lou decides to go visit Ling Mai, and the street holds a farewell BBQ for him.