Will Kyle force Nene to leave?

Karl says Brad has every right to make a complaint about Nene, but Brad thinks Doug should decide – after Nene tells him to his face that she manipulated him. Nene is surprised to find Doug is forgiving – he knows what it’s like to make decisions when you’re not of sound mind. Amy’s relived until Kyle reveals he isn’t comfortable with Nene being around.

Josh tells Piper and Brodie to come clean about their relationship with Brad and Terese, otherwise he’ll tell them himself. Backed into a corner, Piper and Brodie confess all. Brad and Terese think Brodie should find another place to live. Brodie is willing to accept this ruling, but Piper declares that if Brodie goes, she goes.

Aaron is focused on getting Sonya ready for the big council meeting where they’ll vote on the Lassiters development. After discovering the environmental impact report’s already been sent to Sonya’s office, Tom swaps a doctored copy with the one Aaron is going to distribute to everyone attending the meeting.