Will Kyle kiss Tamara?

Tamara decides to spend time with Kyle instead of Casey. Despite this, April counsels Casey not to give up. Meanwhile, Tamara asks if she and Kyle were ever an item and Kyle states no – withholding that she actually hated him. Later that night, Tamara wakes up and tells Kyle how she feels about him. It’s a mirror image of the way she admitted her feelings to Casey months ago in this same room. She and Kyle kiss.

Tamara quizzes Kyle about her past and he tells her she came to the Bay to be with Casey, but she can’t see it. They get news that Brax has woken up and rush off to see him. At the hospital Heath is grateful to Ricky for waking Brax up, but Casey is still angry. Brax is pleased to see Kyle and Casey, but Heath reveals that Tamara has latched onto Kyle. Bianca tracks down Ricky and brings her to Casey. Casey rejects her apology, but Heath tells her to visit Brax at hospital.

Maddy’s thrown herself into a campaign to ‘Save Miss Scott’ and Bianca’s touched. Spencer and Sasha decide not to tell Maddy about their relationship until after the protest. Breaking into the school at night to set the stage for their protest, Roo urges Spencer to come clean.