Will Kyle’s betrayal be exposed?

Jade gets the fantastic news that her singles boot camp is to be franchised and decides to take Kyle and Kate out to breakfast to celebrate. Kyle’s uneasy about being with Kate but his unease turn to panic when Keith, the client who believes Kate is his girlfriend, turns up at Charlie’s.

Fortunately, Kyle manages to keep things together. Meanwhile, Jade decides that Kyle should move into her room and, though he’s overjoyed at her commitment, his kiss with Kate is hanging over his head. Unable to move forward, he warns Kate he’s going to tell Jade. Is Kyle about to lose everything?

Paul has a go at Susan for the ‘boring’ article on Troy’s death but she stands up to him, telling him to back her or sack her. Paul’s happy, believing she’s on the verge of quitting but Zoe reminds him his popularity is too low for him to return as editor. He needs to keep her there for now. Paul apologises to Sue in front of the staff but, though humiliated, Zoe promises him he’ll be back in the editor’s chair in six weeks.

And Sophie is worried she may lose Zoe again but confident Zoe promises she’s not going anywhere. Paul, however, is getting annoyed at her prioritising his family over his career…