Kylie’s soon drawn back into her old life and Eva is shocked to see how she is with Callum and his mates – laughing and joking rather than speaking to him about Max, which was supposed to be the reason for the visit. Callum is a good-looking charmer, dangerous and sexy, and as they are leaving he writes his number on Kylie’s arm and tells her to keep in touch. But when Kylie returns home she finds Max and David have prepared her a special meal and she immediately feels guilty about seeing Callum.

Maddie and Tim race around Weatherfield collecting all the dodgy leaflets – but it’s too late. Sally has already taken a call from someone wanting Tim’s ‘services’ and is furious with him. Despite his mistake, Tim’s still adamant he doesn’t want Maddie telling Sally about his reading difficulties

Eileen thinks Liz should defy Jim and tell Deirdre about his blackmail. But when Deirdre thanks Liz for her help over Peter Liz can’t bring herself to come clean to Deirdre, Tony or Steve.

Also, Dev finds himself making the situation between Mary and Julie worse with his hapless attempts at being kind to both women.