*Hour-long Episode*

David suggests to Kylie they spend the night at a hotel to get some privacy. But Nick takes the night off and Kylie takes charge at the Bistro. David’s furious when she tells him their hotel liaison is off. Meanwhile, Nick’s astonished to see how well Kylie’s coped and promotes her to assistant manager. Kylie’s ecstatic, but David storms off as Kylie confesses to Eva that she is still taking her contraceptive pill.

Tina reminds Tommy she’s got a scan at the clinic and Rita tells Tommy to go with her. It’s a strain for Tommy as everyone fusses over the scan photo. Back on the street there’s panic when Tina faints. Tommy tries to deflect the fuss, keen to get her to the medical centre. At the surgery Matt checks Tina over and congratulates them on the pregnancy, but Tommy’s uncomfortable with his assumption. Later, Tommy pops into the Rovers. But when Norris reveals that Tina’s pregnant, Tommy’s mortified.

As Tyrone books the church, Kirsty’s upbeat. Meanwhile Fiz asks Michelle for her job back at the factory. Later, Chesney berates Tyrone for getting Fiz sacked. Tyrone utters a strange apology, which leaves Chesney intrigued…

Also, when Dennis announces he’s got a new job he’s cagey about what it entails; Stella’s startled when Mandy points out that Jason’s smitten with her.