Will Kylie discover David in the salon?

Audrey’s agreed to let David work at the salon but tells him to keep a low profile as she needs to speak to Gail, Kylie and Nick. But when Kylie comes in for an appointment, David makes himself scarce just in time.

Christian persuades Roy to let him see Hayley, making out he’s had a change of heart. But he then tells her that he wants to introduce her to his wife and children, but asks for five thousand pound in return. It’s blackmail but Hayley is desperate to see her grandkids.

With yesterday’s celebrations behind them, Peter has started married life with a guilty secret. He tries to talk to Tina in the Rovers and waits for her in the backyard. When Carla turns up asking for the factory keys, the pair are just about able to come up with an excuse to explain themselves…

Also, Tim moves into No.4 with Sally.