Will Kylie make it down the aisle?

It’s the double wedding day and Gail anxiously waits for her plan to come off as there’s no sign of Kylie at the Platts. Gail’s hopeful, but knows Kylie’s unpredictable. David’s excited by his big day, but when the registrar informs him the bride hasn’t arrived he starts to panic. As he calls Kylie he pleads for more time. Her heart breaking, Gail voices her ‘suspicions’ that Kylie’s got cold feet and has done a runner.

The Stapes discover the true identity of the thief. Fiz has told John that she had a lot of cash in her bag and it’s been stolen – John has no idea the money is from Colin’s will, or the true amount. Unable to see another explanation Fiz is forced to ask Chesney about the missing money. Realising she’s accusing him, Ches hits the roof, ordering her out. Meanwhile, at the Windasses, Faye gives Anna another gift that leaves her speechless.

When Jim’s turned down by another loan company he panics; he needs the cash by Monday and he’s desperate not to break Liz’s heart.

Also, Graeme and Xin wait nervously at the register office, if Kylie doesn’t show the wedding may be off; Tina’s frantic, and having spotted her kissing Graeme that morning, Norris realises something is afoot.

*Second episode, 8.30*

As secrets and lies cloud proceedings at the register office it’s doubtful whether either wedding will take place. Tina’s under pressure to explain herself to Norris before he tells the registrar about the fake wedding he’s about to conduct. Meanwhile, Kylie wants to expose Gail’s bribery and make a last-minute dash down the aisle with David.

Liz unintentionally ups the pressure on Jim. On the surface all is well at the Rovers but there are hidden tensions as Steve and Becky count down to taking flight. Jim still hasn’t got the cash, but he’s come up with a plan and asks Kevin to invest in the pub. As Liz embraces her new ‘partner’ Jim knows Kevin is his last resort.

Fiz has some serious apologising to do. As the Windasses apologise the Stapes are quick to accept, making a clumsy excuse for hiding the cash. With them gone Fiz beats herself up about accusing Chesney and heads over to apologise. But Ches doesn’t know whether to forgive her. Meanwhile, Anna and Eddie row about how to deal with Faye.

Also, as Marc continues to date Claudia, Audrey asks if he’s told her his secret yet; Frank arrives to find Maria in the Rovers begging the girls to return to work.

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