Will Lachlan die?

*First episode*

Looking for more pills, Belle heads to Home Farm where she encourages Lachlan to take one of the legal highs with her. But as she prepares to open up about what she’s been going through lately, Lachlan struggles with the effects of the pills and starts fitting! Later, when Zak’s telling Lisa about how Belle broke into Edna’s house, they are shocked when their daughter bursts in and announces Lachlan is going to die!

As a former police officer, Harriet has been asked to help Finn find his mum, and she’s got some news for him… Has she tracked down the long-lost Emma Barton?

Aaron tries to hide his hurt when Robert says their affair will end when he marries Emma, and Pete’s gutted when David lets him go from the football team and recruits Rakesh to take his place. Meanwhile, following Pearl’s run of good luck, Paddy asks her to pick a horse as he prepares to go to the races and is chuffed when it wins!