Will Laurel survive?

*Second episode*

With Laurel drunk and barely conscious, choking on her own vomit in a heap on the sofa, her young son Arthur tries to rouse her. Unable to get a response from his mum, he runs out of the house and over to the Woolie to get help. Meanwhile, Marlon’s young daughter April calls an ambulance. As Doug and Marlon rush home, they’re stunned by the sight of Laurel being stretchered out of the house by paramedics. Will Laurel survive? Will Marlon finally realise his wife is an alcoholic? Will the kids be able to cope with what they’ve seen and had to deal with?

He’s only just turned 18, but Kirin’s about to have to grow up fast as Vanessa tells him she’s pregnant. The teen is shocked, but promises the vet he’ll be there for her. Riddled with guilt for cheating on him, Vanessa urges her ignorant boyfriend to keep it secret for now.

At Mill Cottage, Jimmy’s manipulated as Tracy bags a job out of him – and a place to stay! Val is less than pleased at the news and blames Pollard.