Will Lauren bring Lisa back to Erinsborough?

Lou informs Lauren that he’d like to cut back on his shifts at Harold’s. Lauren decides Lisa would be the perfect replacement for Lou, and she accepts. When Lauren tells Lou, he’s stunned to hear Lauren’s stayed in touch with Lisa, and thinks she’s making a big mistake.

Brennan is determined to use Danni as bait to draw Stephen Montague out of hiding. Danni, however, is scared witless at the prospect and goes to Sonya for advice. Sonya convinces her to go and see Matt, who then confronts Brennan. Matt warns him again that interfering with a police investigation is a criminal offence.

Brennan toes the line with Matt, but continues to put pressure on Danni. Later, Sonya finds Brennan and tells him she knows Danni has left the state. Brennan is gutted and emotionally tells Sonya how much he misses Kate.

When Terese finds the TV remote in the fridge she begins to suspect Doug might be getting a bit foggy in his old age, but Brad shuts her down. Later, when Josh and Doug are working together, Lou passes on a job order and, rather than admitting he can’t remember the order, Doug makes a potentially expensive mistake. When Josh tactfully mentions it, Doug successfully manages to blame Lou for the mix-up.