Will Lauren confess to save Tanya?

Max rounds up Lauren and Abi to take them to Tanya‘s hearing, but Lauren seems reluctant. Meanwhile, Tanya tells her solicitor that her kids are more important to her than anything and she resolves to do Max’s bidding and change her plea. But when Tanya sees Lauren she can’t bring herself to plead not guilty. Lauren is horrified and screams out then blurts out to a stunned Max that she was the one who tried to kill him…

Bianca tries to make it clear to Whitney that her mum isn’t worth finding as she deserted the family and stole her dad’s money. Janine overhears and later she secretly gives Whitney her mum’s real address, insisting that she has a right to know. An excited Whitney sets off to find her mum, but Bianca is horrified when she realises what Janine’s done.

Roxy feels claustrophobic when Archie and Peggy fuss over her and Amy and she sets off to R&R to see Ronnie, hoping for a reconciliation. But Roxy is left despondent when Ronnie tells Roxy that Jack was the only good thing about her life and now she’s ruined it for her.

Also, Tamwar and Libby play a prank on Zainab and Denise to pay them back for being so competitive over their children.

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