Will Lauren discover Paige’s secret?

Paige is enjoying her hot online relationship with Bryson and using ‘real estate research’ as a cover for the amount of time she’s spending on her computer. But when Lauren unwittingly borrows the laptop, she’s shocked to discover what her daughter is really up to. Paige’s saucy little secret is a secret no more…

After her bag’s snatched, Sonya goes to hospital and Erin confesses she was tempted to take drugs but didn’t go through with it. Karl is surprised Sonya isn’t as glad to hear Erin stayed strong, and soon realises the extent of her personal investment.

The Radio Station Bar is officially open but… no-one seems to know without Paul’s financial support. When Imogen suggests Drop-In classes, Daniel thinks it’s genius. The event is a success and Imogen’s enjoying the time she’s having with Daniel until he reveals the event is marred by one absence – Amber. Imogen covers, but is devastated that Daniel will never think of her in that way.