As Amber prepares to bring baby Matilda home, Lauren realises she needs to focus on her family, which leads to a heartbreaking decision…

With Sonya taking Vanessa’s side by revealing her own doubts about Steph’s mental health, and Lucas’s report of a customer complaining about Steph ‘overcharging’ her, Vanessa fires Steph. Although Toadie believes there may still be a third party involved, Steph concedes that maybe Vanessa and Sonya are right.

Paul receives a letter about the dead rat, and is prompted to do a search of Aaron’s room. He discovers a USB stick containing his hard drive. A furious Paul confronts Aaron, but when Aaron says he’ll do anything to make it up to him, Paul sees a way to get him to do his dirty work.

Karl and Susan are also fretting over Ben, whom they learn has gone to hospital with pressure on his lungs from his fractured ribs. Although Susan and Karl don’t spare Ben the consequences of his rash behaviour, he realises his grandparents do still love him.