Will Lauren let Bailey leave?

Lauren has a heart-to-heart talk with Bailey and realises she has to let him move away. She throws a huge farewell party, but when it comes time for Bailey to step into the taxi she starts to have second thoughts.

Paige is reeling in the wake of Michelle’s ultimatum that Tyler steal her a car to replace the one that Paige handed over to the police and resolves to have nothing more to do with him. But just when she thinks she’s in the clear, Paige receives a text containing CCTV footage from the garage showing Bailey stealing the original car. It seems Michelle is attempting to blackmail Paige…

Amber unloads to Daniel about seeing Joshua kissing Danni, and a concerned Daniel tells Joshua to keep his relationship with the woman who killed Amber’s father behind closed doors. After saying goodbye to Bailey and Lou, Daniel suggests setting a new wedding date and unable to take the burden of her secret any longer Amber blurts out the truth about her baby’s possible father.