Will Lauren really confess?

Max is stunned as Lauren confesses that she was the one who tried to run him down and kill him and Tanya is only trying to protect her. Max confronts a terrified Tanya, who admits that Lauren’s claims are true. Max tells Tanya he loves her and begs her to change her plea, but she won’t let Lauren get into trouble. Later, Max is horrified when Lauren manages to slip out of the house and she heads off to the police station to confess…

Whitney nervously heads off to meet up with her real mum, Debra, and she finds her in a cafe on the other side of town. Debra soon makes it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with her and Whitney is devastated. Whitney returns home to Bianca and tells a delighted Bianca that she is her ‘real’ mum.

Stacey is hurt when Jean learns about her giving Amy back to Roxy and she accuses her of betraying her brother. But daughter and mother are later reconciled and console each other over their shared grief.

Also, Pat is livid that Janine gave Whitney her mum’s address and she throws her out.

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