Lauren wants to do something for Dot on Jim’s 80th birthday, organising a surprise party. When Max assures Lauren that the party will be teetotal, Lauren tells him not to avoid buying booze on her account. When Dot is upset about the party because no one has visited Jim, Lauren feels bad. Comforted by Joey, Lauren asks him if he still loves her. They almost kiss, but are interrupted by Kirsty.

Janine deliberately riles Michael by claiming she’s dating Danny, handing Michael a flyer for the R&R singles’ night. Later, however, Janine tells a flirty Danny that the other night was strictly a one-off. When Michael has a run in with Danny, he realises that Janine lied about being with him. Michael smugly hands Janine back the singles night flyer, suggesting she needs it more than him.

Roxy takes a phone call from Ronnie, quickly putting the phone down when Jack turns up. When Jack asks Roxy if he can take Amy to Jim’s party, Roxy crossly tells him that he can’t pick and choose when he wants to be a dad. Jack worries that Roxy is trying to push him out of Amy’s life now that she’s getting married.