Will Lauren say ‘yes’ to Peter?

Peter is forced to confess to Ian and Jane that he was selling drugs to Lucy. When Ian threatens to call the police, he and Peter argue. Peter returns to Lauren, where he proposes properly and he’s thrilled when she says ‘yes’. The happy moment is destroyed when Ian bursts in, revealing Peter’s drugs secret. A horrified Lauren throws the ring back at Peter. Ian tells Peter he’s dead to him, refusing to let him in the house.

Max learns that Abi is dating Ben and storms over to the Mitchells’. After warning Ben to stay away from his daughter, Max rows with Phil, who comes to his son’s defence. When Ben later tells Phil that he’s not gay any more, Ben is happy to see how proud it makes Phil. Ben later confesses to Phil what he was up to the night Lucy died.

Meanwhile, Lee watches a funny video on Fatboy’s mobile from that night, but sees something that makes him realise that someone was lying about their alibi…

Sonia confesses to Tina that she stole the charity money to go abroad to have a gastric band fitted. Worried about her friend, Tina comforts Sonia and there’s a spark between them. When Tosh arrives home early, Tina panics, sneaking Sonia out of the flat.