Terese maintains she doesn’t want the kids knowing Brad’s secret, and Lauren agrees. Later, Kathy urges Lauren to tell the kids the truth, but Lauren orders her to leave. However, Amber and Bailey run into Kathy, and are now suspicious. They approach their dad, who buckles under the pressure and tells them about Lauren’s child. The kids show their support for Lauren, but it’s clear the troubles for their family are just beginning…

After vowing to make the Games on his own, Josh comes to see Amber. But when she reveals she’s bought a ticket to come to Glasgow with him, he can’t bring himself to tell her his devastating news.

Feeling the pressure, he tests himself at the pool and discovers the specialist is right. He finally comes clean with Amber. But she’s uncomfortable around him, now that she has to keep the secret of their shared half-sibling. He misreads her behaviour and assumes she doesn’t love him anymore.

Chris is still feeling confused about how to help his Mum. Sonya encourages him to join a support group for family members affected by addiction, but instead he decides to take proactive steps to help his mum out – and that includes telling his dad.