Will Lawrence marry Bernice?

*Hour-long episode*

It’s Lawrence’s wedding day, but he’s got a dilemma on his hands when Chrissie tells him his wife-to-be, Bernice, was happily kissing Andy Sugden at her hen do! When the couple meet to talk, Lawrence tells Bernice he can hardly blame her for cheating on him. He goes on to say he’d rather marry her and ‘share’ her than lose her. But Bernice isn’t sure she can go through with a sexless marriage.

As the guests gather, Lawrence looks as if he’s about to call it all off when Bernice suddenly arrives in her gown. Meanwhile, Andy’s torn about what to do. Taking off his wedding ring, he heads over to Home Farm, bracing himself to stop the ceremony! In the end, the farmer keeps quiet and Bernice becomes Mrs White.

When Chas injures herself, a doctor’s appointment to fix things ends up making her life a lot lot worse when she spies Emma has returned to her position as nurse at the surgery.

Later, back at the pub, Chas is knocked again to see Emma in the Woolie with James. Wanting to look after his clearly shaken mum, Aaron sleeps downstairs to play guard to make sure Chas feels protected. But in the middle of the night it soon becomes clear who’s been spooking barmaid Chas as she, herself, sleepwalks into the kitchen and picks up a knife…

Zak and Joanie meet to talk and vow to keep their kiss a secret. But is it going to be as easy as all that?