Leah is awaiting test results as Jett doesn’t hold back remonstrating John for not getting tested as an organ donor match. Ultimately, Jett’s words strike a chord, and John changes his mind about getting tested. Luckily, Leah receives some welcome news: her liver is repairing and she won’t need a transplant.

Sasha helps Matt hide his little sister at The Diner. His father has been arrested, and now DoCS want to take Eloise away. Sasha opens up to Matt about her own little brother: he was actually happier living with his father, despite all her concerns. Matt realises his reasons for hiding Eli are more to do with his own issues. He calls DoCS and says goodbye to his little sister. Sasha suggests Matt move in with her – but he refuses.

Heath calls Cheryl, who doesn’t hold back telling him what she thinks about Bianca’s handling of the Harley situation. Heath leaves Harley with his grandmother and Cheryl promptly gives the baby back to Bianca, but not before delivering her some hard-hitting words.

When Heath sees Cheryl without Harley, he panics. He returns home and Bianca and Harley are missing. Just as Heath begins to despair, he sees Bianca pushing a pram up the street. Harley is safe but Bianca does not look pleased one little bit.