Will Leah take Zac back?

Zac continues to try and talk Leah round when Evelyn notices she isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Leah quickly covers, but the game is up when VJ overhears Zac and Leah talking and VJ berates his mother’s decision to call off the engagement. It seems like VJ’s words have an effect on Leah, as she and Zac talk things over and get their wedding plans back on track.

John and Greg have made their peace and John is paying the price with a heavy hangover. Meanwhile, Chris bounces into The Diner asking Marilyn to cover his shift, as he’s throwing a house party.

As Chris’s party gets underway, the teens have hatched a plan to get Evelyn and Josh back together. However, their bright idea fails when Josh and Evelyn have a full-blown argument.

Also, Hannah’s overcome with jealousy when she sees Chris kissing someone else, and Matt’s starting to have feelings for Maddy.