Will Leanne accept Dennis’s proposal?

Leanne is well aware how much Dennis has done for her while she’s been locked away and realises how much she really feels for him. Finally meeting up with him she confesses her true love to Dennis and he proposes.

Back at the lad’s pad, Ash comforts Will, who is playing the victim part well, and they end up kissing and falling into bed together. As Ash grows closer to her old flame; she is left flabbergasted when he drops his guard and stands up to look in a cupboard in the kitchen, unaware Ash is watching him.

In the remand centre, Patrick pays Anna one last visit. She’s not scared, if anything she’s relieved that she has some sort of freedom from her ex, but hopes that Maxine finds out what Patrick’s really like before it’s too late…

Also, Sinead convinces Ruby to go with her to the Loft but their night doesn’t go to plan when Jim throws them out of the club. However, as the footballers get into a car back to the hotel, their sleazy manager, Frank invites Sinead and Ruby to go with them and Sinead jumps at the chance. Later, Frank propositions Sinead with £200, could this be the answer to her problems?