Will Leanne be found out?

Leanne and Carla are jubilant as they sign the contract to take over the Italian restaurant and they decide to celebrate their success with drinks in a fancy bar. But Leanne’s world is about to be rocked when she leaves Carla alone while she nips to the toilet and Carla is approached by a slimy businessman who chats her up and asks her if she’s with the same agency as her friend ‘Rachael’!

The businessman gives Carla his card and Carla’s suspicions are aroused, but she keeps her worries to herself when a panicky Leanne makes light of it and claims that it’s a case of mistaken identity.

Kirk is determined to put on a brave face in front of Fiz and he determines to search for a job now that he’s lost the kennels. Kirk is left disappointed when nothing comes up, but he lies to Fiz that he’s had loads of offers.

Also, Tam asks Violet out for a drink and she’s flattered; Liz and Vernon annoy everyone as they act sickeningly in love.