Will Leanne forgive Nick after his outburst?

Leanne’s horrified to walk in on Nick’s outburst and ushers a shaken Simon out. Back at the Platts, Nick’s deflated, now convinced his chances of a reconciliation with Leanne are over. But as Leanne discusses Nick’s betrayal with Stella and Eva, admitting how much she loves him, she decides that she needs to listen to her heart rather then her head.

Faye’s mortified as Anna calls the party to a premature end when it decends into chaos, while Sally has a go at Grace for the cruel way she taunted Nick. Although Owen agrees with Sally he publicly backs Anna who defends a seemingly contrite Grace. But with the adults out of earshot Grace reveals her true colours.

As Eileen enjoys an evening with Liz and Deirdre it’s topped off by a text from Todd who reveals he’s coming home for a visit.

Also, with Hayley due home next week Roy makes preparations for her return.