Will Leanne tell Simon she’s pregnant?

Leanne gears herself up to tell Simon her big news in Corrie...

As Leanne waits nervously with Steph for her doctor’s appointment, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Simon who tearfully demands to know what’s wrong with her. Leanne assures him it’s nothing life-threatening. Having been told by the doctor that all is fine with her pregnancy, Leanne breaks the news to Simon that she’s pregnant.

Bethany arrives at the hospital to find Sarah packing her bags. She explains that she’s read the awful news about Kylie’s death in the newspaper and David needs her. Bethany begs Sarah to stay in hospital until she’s better for her and Harry’s sake and, reluctantly, she agrees.

Yasmeen, Sharif and Alya attend Sally and Tim’s soiree. Although initially frosty, Yasmeen and Sally soon find a common interest in environmental issues. However, having spotted her throw on Sally’s sofa, Yasmeen calls her a thief and flounces out, followed by an embarrassed Sharif and Alya.

Johnny and Jenny admit how much they enjoyed their tryst yesterday. Michelle reveals that she took Steve’s wedding ring to be engraved but as Michelle hugs him, Steve looks guiltily over her shoulder.