Will Lee confess all to Mick?

Mick has a heart-to-heart with his son - but will Lee reveal his lies?

Lee’s attitude to Whitney isn’t getting any better, so she turns to Mick yet again for help. Mick agrees to have a word with Lee, taking him up on the roof of The Vic for a heart-to-heart. Will Lee tell Mick the truth about what he’s done, and the lies he’s told about his job?

Phil is uncharacteristically generous with a confused Ben and Louise. Later, Phil ends up in the launderette, talking to Dot. She soon sees through his bluster, telling Phil he must carry on fighting. Although Dot tries her best, Phil says he’s had enough… He wants to die.

Phil returns home and carefully places a Christmas gift for Sharon under the tree then prepares to leave. When the Mitchells get back from the play, Sharon catches Phil on his way out. Phil breaks Sharon’s heart, telling her he can’t spend Christmas there.

Also, Dot plans her retirement party at the launderette.