Will Les confess to Pam?

Pam confronts Les having found him with Claudette, demanding to know what’s going on between them. Les confesses that he turned to Claudette after their son Lawrie died. Hurt that Les didn’t come to her with his troubles, Pam visits Carol. After some words of advice from Carol, Pam returns home and asks Les straight if he’s slept with Claudette. When Les insists they’re just friends, Pam believes him and they are reunited.

Jane is stunned when she returns home to find Sharon, who tells her about Cindy’s shock revelation. Relieved when Sharon says she doesn’t believe it, Jane tells Ian what’s happened, prompting Ian to delete the message. Talking to Sharon later on, Jane trips over her words, making Sharon realise that Cindy was telling the truth. Confronted by Sharon, Jane admits that Bobby did kill Lucy.

Kathy explains to Phil that she needs more money, revealing she’s going to return to Walford. Furious, Phil locks her in The Arches, insisting it’s too late for Kathy to come back, as ‘Kathy Beale’ is dead. Phil softens after seeing her hurt when Kathy is forced to hide from Ben.