Will Lewis fall for Gloria’s honeytrap?

With Audrey now on board Gloria asks Lewis to move to Spain with her, promising she’ll leave him everything in her will in return. Lewis avoids her trap. Meanwhile, Stella and Eva are furious when Lewis breaks the news to them that Gloria is dying. It seems Gail’s plan to expose Lewis as a conman is about to backfire.

Deirdre isn’t speaking to Ken, but he tells her to meet him in the pub where he’ll prove his innocence. When Deirdre gets there she finds Ken with Wendy. He asks her to confirm to Deirdre that nothing happened the previous night. Wendy does, but Deirdre suggests Wendy resigns from the Board of Governors. Wendy refuses and Ken drives her home. But when she invites him in Ken gets more than he bargained for!

Sophie’s physiotherapist is Lloyd’s daughter Jenna. She tells Sophie that the process they are about to begin will be tough. When Sophie is distressed Sally takes Jenna to task, but Jenna can give as good as she gets.

Also, Tina and Tommy meet Izzy and Gary to discuss her possible pregnancy; Kirsty seethes when Tyrone gets her into trouble at work.