Will Liam and Bianca get it on?

April’s plan seems to be working. Vittorio’s off on his buck’s night and Liam is cornered by Nicole and Romeo. They tell him he’s letting them all down by not being a chaperone at the Formal. Finding it impossible to refuse, he agrees to come to the Formal.

Joanna talks Irene into going out with her for a meal, as a thank you for Irene’s generous hospitality. While they’re out, Irene begins to see why Joanna’s daughters left their mother and went half way around the world.

Vittorio is on his buck’s night and the lads join Irene and Joanna. Joanne and Vittorio take great pleasure in sniping at the good people of Summer Bay.

Liam and Bianca have a chance to talk honestly to each other. Towards the end of the night they slip away together and end up having a passionate kiss.

Ruby, despite being grounded, sneaks out to the Formal. When Angelo sees her, Ruby reminds him that Charlie told him to stay out of this. Charlie drops by to see Angelo and catches Ruby. She makes a big scene and drags Ruby away, humiliating Ruby and leaving Angelo feeling that he too is in big trouble.

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