Liam pays a visit to Tony’s house to see if he can dig any dirt on him but he doesn’t have much success. Meanwhile, Maria senses that Liam is not particularly keen on having a baby with her and she tells him that she’s going to have an abortion. Liam agrees to abide by Maria’s decision but it’s clear that neither of them are entirely happy with the idea.

Liz is stunned when Steve reveals that Jim has been released from prison and she panics that he’s going to try to ruin her wedding. Steve assures Liz that his dad has changed and has promised to stay away from the pub. Liz’s worries appear to be proved correct when Jim pops into the Rovers. A furious Steve warns his dad to leave.

Doreen decides that today’s the day to decide whose proposal she is going to accept but she’s stunned when Norris tells her that he’s withdrawing his offer, not realising that it’s after meddling from Rita. As everyone waits to hear her decision Doreen announces that she doesn’t want to get married after all!

Also, Ryan realises that he’s definitely being followed; Violet admits to an angry Jamie that she lied about the loan.