Will Liam be able to resist Carla?

Liam and Carla turn up at the hotel in Birmingham to discover that the hotel has ‘accidentally’ booked them a double room under the name of Mr and Mrs Connor. Liam is forced to accept the room with Carla when there are no more rooms available and he changes for dinner. Carla picks up Liam’s mobile when Maria calls and Maria is furious when she tells her that Liam is showering in her room. Will Carla go one step further and try to seduce Liam?

Gail embarrasses David when she talks about ‘being careful’ and unsubtly leaves a packet of condoms on the table. When Tina turns up she sees the condoms and is outraged at David’s presumption. A mortified David explains that they must have been left by his mum and the tension is broken. Tina leads David upstairs.

Michelle is torn between her love for Ryan and the connection she feels with Alex. Michelle waits for Alex’s decision on whether he wants to see her. She wonders if she will be able to accept it if he wants nothing to do with her.

Also, Liz and Vernon return from honeymoon; Dan is frustrated that Harry is still living in the flat.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is upset over her phone call with Carla and when Michelle finds out that Liam is in Carla’s room she calls him and demands to know what’s going on between them. Liam insists that there’s been a mix up with the rooms and it is all entirely innocent and Michelle is appeased, but Liam is angry that Carla has upset Maria.

Carla turns up to the business dinner dressed to kill and Liam battles his attraction to her. The atmosphere between them is electric when they stay behind after the meeting to share a drink. But Carla’s plans to ensnare Liam fail when Tony turns up unexpectedly at the hotel to surprise her. Liam makes his excuses and leaves a disappointed Carla then returns to Weatherfield and Maria.

David is delighted that he’s finally lost his virginity to Tina, although he genuinely cares for his new girlfriend. Word spreads about David’s antics and a chuffed David feels like the new Weatherfield Casanova when Jerry cheekily asks him if he had a successful night!

Also, Michelle promises Ryan that she won’t see Alex, even if he asks her to but it’s clear that she may not be able to resist.