Maria struggles to explain the location of the ravine where Liam fell to the rescue team and she has to go with them and retrace her steps. Meanwhile, a shivering Ozzy protectively guards his unconscious master. The helicopter turns up and winches Liam and Ozzy to safety. Maria rushes to be at Liam’s side, who is in a critical but stable condition. The nurse tries to comfort Maria by telling her that he called out her name when he was brought in semi-conscious. But Maria is horrified when the nurse then calls her ‘Carla’…

Rosie returns to Weatherfield comp, but she gets a hard time from sister Sophie. Rosie realises that most of the school is talking about her and she tries to hold her head up high, but she is clearly upset.

Sally gets into a fight with Janice at the factory when Janice calls Rosie a cheap tart! Carla is furious when she finds two of her staff fighting and she tells Sally to take the day off.

Also, Michelle misses the DNA test to go to Liam’s side; Tyrone agrees to help Jack and Vera find a suitable property to buy in Blackpool.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria sits at Liam’s side, but she is in a whirl of emotion after discovering that Liam was calling out for Carla, despite the nurse’s kind suggestion that Liam was very confused when he was brought in. Michelle and Steve arrive and Maria breaks down on them and explains everything. Michelle attempts to reassure Maria that Liam loves her, but she urges her to confront Liam for the sake of their child.

Sophie can’t hide her resentment of Rosie and the two sisters start to bicker. Sally has had enough of the constant fighting in the house and she tells the girls to lay off for the sake of their dad. Rosie puts on a front, but it’s clear that she is devastated by the upset she has caused in the family.

Jack and Vera are miserable that they can’t find anything they like in Blackpool in their price range. Tyrone gets back from Blackpool and reveals that he has visited every estate agent he could find and has compiled a list of properties to view. The Duckies are excited, but it dawns on everyone that the move will really go ahead.

Also, Gail clashes with a teenager at the medical centre.