Will Liam choose Bianca or the gang?

*Six-minute mini-episode as part of Comic Relief Night – start time unspecified.*

Bianca approaches the gang and sees Liam being shoved around by Kane. When Bianca steps in to protect her son, the gang back off, realising she’s Liam’s mother. Bianca insists she doesn’t want to involve the police, but she quickly realises it was a mistake to mention the law, as the gang become menacing. Revea.k g she knows they mugged Tamwar, Bianca tries to grab Liam but the gang surround him.

As Bianca begs Liam to come home, Whitney and Carol arrive, worried about Bianca. When Bianca launches herself at one of the lads to get to Liam, she ends up sprawled on the floor, as he quickly steps out of the way. Liam makes a move to help his mum up, but Kane holds him back. Bianca pleads with Liam to see sense and is left heartbroken when Liam insists he’s staying where he is – with the gang.