Will Liam land Bianca in it?

Bianca has been keeping a vigil at Liam’s bedside following the accident. Heath, meanwhile, tries to connect with her but she just pushes him away – there’s nothing for them to discuss. On her way to school, April finds Heath passed out in the bushes. He’s clearly taken Bianca’s rejection very badly. When Liam wakes from his coma he starts to remember the accident. It wasn’t Heath in the other car, it was Brax and Charlie.

Leah realises that VJ has run away and blames herself for falling apart in front of her son. Miles tries to be supportive but she is hesitant to let him in. However, when Miles receives a voicemail from VJ, Leah decides he must have gone to Queensland to visit Lily. Leah decides to drive to Queensland to find him, and Miles insists he come along.

Charlie has to endure the internal police investigation into the stolen evidence. She’s forced to lie to Watson about her continuing relationship with Brax. When Bianca hears of the stolen evidence she confronts Charlie about it. She learns the truth behind Charlie’s desire to keep her relationship with Brax a secret. Their friendship is tested as Bianca is forced to lie to protect Charlie.