After spending the day with Theresa, Liberty is furious to discover she knows more about her relationship with Ethan then she thought. She confronts Theresa about how she knew her and Ethan slept together when Liberty was underage. Theresa lies, and Liberty seems to believe her, for now anyway. But later Will is weighed down with guilt and can’t cope with the lies any longer and tells his sister what he knows about the night at the hotel.

The girls arrive in Abersoch ready to party but Sinead’s put out when she arrives at the house to find Bart sleeping on the sofa with Maddie. It’s clear that Sinead has met her match in the confident blonde…

Liberty is distraught at Theresa’s betrayal. She angrily confronts her best friend and the pair argue. Later, when Ethan turns up Liberty furiously dumps him, promising he’ll never get another chance.

Also, Lee and Amy are in for a big surprise when Leanne embarks on a relationship with Jamil and tells everyone how she is really happy with him; she’s totally over Lee and has moved on. Everyone believes her except Amy. Amy confronts Leanne, who tells her that the battle for Lee is well and truly on!

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