Will is so worried when Carmella insists on meeting his mum, that he asks a family friend, Selma, to pose as his mother over lunch. Carmella is completely taken in by ‘Mrs Griggs’ and the pair get on famously, but Will is riddled with guilt for lying, and even Selma is concerned about his uncharacteristic dishonest behaviour. But Carmella gets suspicious when she overhears some of their conversation and catches Will paying Selma for a job well done.

Janelle’s persistence pays off and she and Steiger go on their first date together. But she’s not best pleased when nervous Steiger refuses to let go of his police work on the date, and he even ends up making an arrest! But Janellle is placated when Steiger promises to take her pig shooting.

Stingray helps Sky out when he accompanies her to a new work function pretending to be her boyfriend to convince her new work colleagues that she’s romantically off limits. And the pair make sure their story is convincing by sharing a public kiss.

Unemployed and miserable, Ned turns to confident and successful Frazer for work advice, and Frazer gives Ned a racing tip. Ned’s thrilled when he wins $1,000, and newly enthused, he buys himself a classy Frazer-like suit to prepare for his new betting career.